“all for”

“been there, done that”

“Everything is in context.”

“for my money”

“give someone a heads up”

“I live for it.”

“I wouldn’t even sweat it.”

“strap on a pair”

“You gotta what it takes.”


“Aren’t you a treat.”

“A word.”

“bring it on”

“case in point”

“crack the bubbly”

“dead on”

“deep black funk”

“dig it”

“Do me a solid.”

“Don’t henpeck.”

“Don’t bother.”


“Fair enough.”


“for crying out loud”

“get a room”

“Go limp.”

“have the time of one’s life”

“Here is the kicker.”

“I can find you on Mars.”

“I can’t take all the credits.”

“I fold.”

“I got chills.”

“I’m killing it.”

“I’m not falling for it.”

“I’m peaking.”

“I’m telling you.”

“in your face”

“I rappel.”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

“I’ve had it with”

“a little (of something) goes a long way”

“Lock and load.”

“Mazel tov.”

“mean it”

“might as well have”


“No offense.” -> “None taken.”

“on fire”

“out on a limb”


“be pumped”

“Rock on!”

“Spot on.”

“suffice to say”

“Tell me about it.”

“That won’t do.”

“to the T”

“truth be told”


“what a pickle”

“What are the odds?”

“What gives?”

“Who’s your mama?”

“‘Wow’ is the word”

“yearn for”


“You betcha.”

“You blow me away.”

“You got me.”

“Your reputation precedes you.”


“beat someone to a pulp”

“breakaway jockstrap”


“dead man walking”

“Drop the spike.”

“eye gunk”

“be groped”


“I’m gonna thump you.”

“line one’s pockets”

“light it up”


“make number two”

“manly bits”



“shove it”

“smoking gun”

“the big house”

“top dog”


“Are we cool?”


“bury the hatchet”

“cock of the walk”

“come after”

“cut someone some slack”

“double cross”

“get all icy on someone”

“give a damn”

“have a fling”

“hold a grudge”

“I have a certain following.”

“make a fool out of oneself”

“onto it”

“out of the loop”

“push one’s button”

“put one’s feet in one’s mouth”

“rock the boat”

“She is a keeper.”

“shotgun wedding”

“sneak around one’s back”

“street cred”

“We had our shot.”

“We’re chums.”



“bee’s knees”


“big pet guy”

“bleeding heart”



“crackpot city”



“have one’s moments”


“hunk of beef”


“lame, tacky and impersonal”

“not all there”

“old school”

“one-horse town”

“man with one foot out the door”

“run in one’s family”


“sharp as a tack”


“southern belle”


“stiff as a board”

“the cream of the crop”




“be numbered”

“drop the ball”

“faux pas”

“finder’s fee”

“fly through the ranks”

“frigging steal”

“goof off”

“hands on”

“ironclad demands”

“lose one’s touch”

“no stone unturned”

“out on one’s ass”

“play a hunch”

“repo man”

“run something into the ground”

“shoddy work”


“The Shakeup is coming.”


“tie up loose end”

“up the ante”


“wad of ones”

“yearly stipend”


“as it is”

“be cooped up in”

“braid hair”

“bust out”

“cold feet”

“crank it”

“elephant in the room”

“extent of it”

“gear up”

“get rid of”

“get slammed”

“get to the bottom of”

“go south”

“go from zero to 60”

“in the middle of a tiff”


“no time for frivolity”

“off the bat”

“one step away from”

“save the day”

“snap out”

“stand a chance”

“stay put”

“stick around”

“sweep something under the rug”

“take it all in”

“The die has been cast.”

“throw in the towel”

“waltz in”

“zone out”



“ambulance chaser”

“army brat”

“Atlas Shrugged”

“balance beam”


“Better dead than red.”

“briah patch”

“cop show”


“dead drop”

“diplomatic immunity”

“Dr. Phil”

“Ebony and Ivory”

“Eight is Enough”

“French tips”

“go Susan Smith”

“hot wood”

“in escrow”

“It’s pierogi time.”

“Land of Enchantment”

“letterman jacket”

“nervous Nellie”

“per fas et nefas”


“point of order”



“Pretty in Pink”

“quid pro quo”

“Renaissance Fair”

“Salvation Army”

“Scout’s honor.”

“self-referential thing”

“Signal is dirty.”

“sprig of mistletoe”

“Theo Huxtable”


“vagrant Serpico”

“water under the bridge”

“wiggle worms and zip zorps”

“Ye of little faith.”


“a bun in the oven”

“certifiably disturbed”


“get monkey off one’s back”

“got a pulse”



“morbidly obese white women”

“My abscess, Lester’s gout.”

“no-carb thing”