"crank it" 「ボリュームを上げる」

30 ROCK – シーズン1 ディスク2 エピソード1
– “Jack The Writer”より


  • ジャックが作家たちの仕事の邪魔をする
  • ケネスがトレイシーの使い走りになる

Phrase 1: “crank it”


(Liz) All right, we’re halfway done.
Let’s take a little break. You guys want to have a one minute dance party?
(Frank) Yeah! Good idea. Crank it, Toofer.


“crank it”は、「ボリュームを上げる」という意味です。


Phrase 2: “water under the bridge”


(Liz) I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings the other day when I asked you to stay out of the writers’ room.
(Jack) That’s absurd. Completely unnecessary.
(Liz) Okay, good, cause, you know, the writers, they see you as management.
(Jack) Please, it’s water under the bridge.
Stop worrying and just go on back to work.


“water under the bridge”は、「過ぎてしまった事」という意味です。

Phrase 3: “Do me a solid.”


(Liz) Hey, Jack! Sorry to interrupt. Hey, can we eat our pizza outside?
Cause those wangs from the “Today show” eat on the roof garden all the time, you know?
And I thoguht since me and you are best buds — boink — maybe you could do me a solid and slip me the key to that thing.


“Do me a solid.”は”Do me a favor.”と同じ意味で、「お願いを聞いて。」という意味です。